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    Finance Management

    6 Weeks/6 Months Management Training in Chandigarh


    Management-training programs prepare participants to take on leadership roles. These programs focus on helping individual contributors transition into a managerial position. To develop a program that meets your small business’ needs, start by assessing your current employees to identify the potential candidates and their strengths. Then, through a process of self-discovery and course work, they can create an action plan to develop in critical areas, such as financial acumen, planning, project management and team building. Creating a comprehensive management-training program based on your small business’ needs and budget allowance enables the company’s long-term success.Management is a field where we learn to manage the strategic functions and development as a whole.

    The leader in the 21st century are confronted with complex challenges and traditional leadership skills are not enough to deal with them, unlike in the past when top leaders made all the decisions and everyone else followed. In today’s world, the leader is responsible for setting a new direction, engaging with people, and convincing all the stakeholders that the direction he or she has taken is indeed the right direction. The new leader is responsible for fostering an environment where innovation happens collaboratively and the best people lead a new path. The new leader is also not afraid to experiment and to make new mistakes. Our 6 weeks/6 Months Management Training in Chandigarh provides all those facilities to students with the world Class Classroom teaching. Our faculty Guides students at every step and help them out whenever and wherever they got struck.

    Our Features

    Our Management Training is focused on increasing the efficiency and professionalism of the Management Team and this is the main goal of our Management Training Program.

    General objective:

    • Initiating the project
    • Planning the project
    • Executing the project
    • Monitoring and controlling the project
    • Closing the project Professional
    • Social Responsibility

    Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:

    • Increase your ability to influence management decisions on training and development
    • Develop strategic plans for program development and maintenance
    • Exercise better financial management
    • Improve your management of training resource
    • Understand key concepts and lessons on integrating computer technology into training
    • Have fully versed with current market Trends
    • Have exposure to better managerial functions