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    Human Resource Marketing training Internship Chandigarh MBA/BBA Students

    SAP-HR (Human Resources)

    sap hr training mohali chandigarh panchkula

    SAP-HR (Human Resources)

    SAP-HR (Human Resources)

    1. Introduction to ERP
    2. ERP Introduction and growth chart
    3. R/3 Architecture
    4. ASAP Methodology
    5. AS IS -TO BE
    6. Landscape in ERP DS>QS>PS
      1. Organizational Management(OM)

        1. General setting......
        2. Enterprise Structure
        3. Create company and comp code and Assignment
        4. Personnel Area, Personnel subareas
        5. Assignment with company/company code

    SAP Training to get job in MNC

    Personnel structure

    1. Employee Group-Employee Sub Groups
    2. Assignment Groups
    3. Organizational Structure
    4. Expert mode
    5. Simple Maintenance
    6. Create Organization units
    7. Sub units Job Positions, Tasks
    8. Reporting Structures
    9. Maintenance of Info types


    1. Overview
    2. Maintain Advertisements
    3. Customization of Recruitment
    4. Maintain Applicant Structures
    5. Applicant's data, Selection Process
    6. Applicant's Action & maintain the Applicant's all activity fo Hiring Process with Joining.


    1. Health Plan, Insurance Plan, Customization
    2. Benefits Areas and benefits provider with sponsor
    3. ESS/MSS

    Time Management (TM)

    1. Work schedule Rule
    2. Overview
    3. Public holiday calendar, Factory calendar
    4. Personnel sub area grouping, Daily work schedule Groupings, Daily work Schedule, Period work Schedules Day types, Annual calendar, Work schedule rule, Period work schedule, Planned Working time, Shift integration Default, Values==FEATURES SCHKZ-TMSTA
    5. Time Data Recording and Admin
    6. Absences. Attendances. Substitutions.
    7. Availability. Over time att. Abs. Quotas
    8. Counting Rule and Deduction Rules
    9. Managing leave accounts, Time Manager work place

    Personnel Management

    1. Personnel Development & Integration
    2. Organizational Data and Organizational Assignment

    Why ThinkNEXT

    1. Industrial Training from Software/Electronics and CAD/CAM Systems Development Company (MNC) not just from a Training Institute.
    2. Get Training under an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.
    3. Accredited Training Partner of National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Ministry of Communications Information Technology.
    4. Approved from Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India. Corporate Identity No. U72200PB2011PTCO35677.
    5. Accredited Training Partner of ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board).
    6. Member of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) Membership No. N5238P.

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    Personnel Administration

    1. Payroll Data
    2. Overview
    3. Pay Scale Structure=Pay scale Area, Pay scale Type Pay Scale Level, Pay scale Group, Employee Attributes Administratior Group Default values....
    4. Wage/Salary Structure, Basic Pay...Recurring Payment & Deduction, Additional Payments... Employee State Insurance Act, The Gratuity Act the PF Act Create wage type, Wage type Characteristic Technical wage type & Model Wage types, Personal Actions, Master data Configuration..Info groups

    Leave Travel Management

    1. payroll:Introduction to Payroll...Basic Setting, Period Parameters, Date Modifiers. Payroll accounting Area Control record.Calendar for Cumulation.Maintain Employer Address..Environment of Wage Type maintenance..Pay Scale Grouping for Allowances..Basic Pay. Dearness Allowances. RAP Amounts, Bonus Act Housing. Car& Conveyance..Long Term Reimbursement..Statutory Social Contribution.. Retro Active Payroll..Personnel Calculation Rule.. Collective Agreement Provision. One Day Salary Deduction, Retirements Benefits. Income Tax

    Compensation management

    1. Training & Development, Overview>Training Calendar>Training manual, Budgeting & Cost allocation Labour Welfare Fund, Overview of Sap Query & User Exit

    Training & Event Management*

    Integration with other Modules